Washington Land

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Property Fairness

Initiative 933 is gathering signatures now! This proposal is to protect property rights by requiring compensation by the government when they damage the use or value of your property through regulation.

If you sit down and do a sober reading of the state and federal constitution you would find that this already is law. However the regulators in the state capital think that they should be able to take private land and put it to a public use, such as a wildlife preserve, and not pay compensation to the owner. Furthermore by restricting the use and value without taking the land through emienet domain, not only are they not paying property owners, they are still making them pay property taxes on land that they can't use.

I have ran into many people who have bought land because they wanted a cabin on it, or they wanted to build a home later on to retire, or they wanted to have a few cows or they wanted to cut some timber. Years later they come back and find that the government has taken away their rights to use their land. Sure enough they were never paid for it and the owners are still paying property taxes on it.

This initiative is sponsored by the Washington Farm Bureau and you may find more information on the initiative at: http://www.propertyfairness.com/

As soon as the wording was approved by the judge, I donated some money and started to gather signatures. Other than that I have nothing to do with the initiative besides being a supporter.