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Friday, February 29, 2008

Vacant Land Sales in Thurston County, Washington for January 2008


Western Showcase Homebuilders LLC sold .68 acres to Bayside Building and Development LLC of Olympia for $135,000.

Ronald and Talia Hastie sold 28.91 acres to Jeffrey and Cheri Sanderson of Lacey for $240,000.


Marshall and Geraldine Ellison sold .64 acres to Harold and Susan Broek of Tumwater for $85,000.


Ronald and Lorie O’Leary sold 5 acres to Todd and Sonya Andreas of Yelm for $139,050.


John and Margret Meek sold 40.06 acres to Efrain Flores of Reston, VA for $382,500 and also Mr. Flores deeded it over to Akasha Developers Unlimited LLC.

(Which is strange to me that somebody would name a company with the word unlimited and then follow it up with limited liability company. So which is it, unlimited or limited ?)


Robert and Cindy Cook sold .22 acres to Carl and Kelsey Vogel of Olympia for $69,900.


R & B Holdings LLC sold 4.76 acres to Graydon and Marlys Smith of Centralia for $150,000.

Information based on county records but not guaranteed.

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The Olympian Covers Fee Increase Hearing

(Olympia, Washington) - The Olympian put out an article covering last night's fee increase hearing and their characterization of the meeting was accurate. They also quoted me saying a bit of what I said against the massive fee increase. So the next time you try to develop your land remember who went to bat for you down at the county to help keep your land development fees low.


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thurston County plans huge permit fee increase

(Olympia, Washington) Thurston County is having a public hearing tonight on the topic of permit fees for land development. The regulations are so burdensome and complex that the county needs to raise fees by a huge amount. Not only do they cost a lot of money but the county employees give out incorrect information about half the time. So they are to complex for them to administer as well. So these are a burden on the county and they are a burden on the people who just need a place to live.

Attend the Public hearing!

The public hearing is at 6 p.m. tonight in Room 280, Building 1, of the courthouse, 2000 Lakeridge Drive S.W., Olympia.

Fee increases are either doubling, tripling or quadrupling depending on which fee you look at, check out the full document here


Update: I attended the hearing and spoke out against these outrageous fee increases. I was not surprised that every other person that attended also spoke out against them as well. What do you bet that the county commissioners will do it anyway?

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