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Monday, January 29, 2007

Vacant Land sales in Lewis County, Washington for December 2006.

Zachary SmithVacant Land sales in Lewis County, Washington for December 2006.

Pe Ell (98572)

James and Marnel Groebner sold 29.77 acres for $130,000 to Sharon Hallman of Olympia, WA.

The Town of Pe Ell sold 1 acre to for $30,000 to Kelly and Deborah Brown of Newcastle, WA.

Morton (98356)

Curt Christopherson sold 6 acres for $47,500 to Bryan and Kathleen Turner of Tacoma, WA.

Packwood (98361)

James and Deborha Swartzlander sold .26 acres for $46,00 to Duncan and Carol Sturrock of Gig Harbor, WA.

Centralia (98351, 87532)

Roberta Butterworth sold 8.81 acres to for $81,500 to Lester Reisch of Tenino, WA.

Peter and Jane Perez sold 5.35 acres for $75,000 to Keith Asido of Orting, WA.

Onalaska (98570)
Francis and Lynette Deabreu sold 1.58 acres for $40,000 to Timothy and Katie Edmonds of Centralia, WA.

Toledo (98591)

Francis Singleton sold 10 acres to Wayne Perkins who sold the property for $69,000 to Scott and Christine Dickinson of Shelton, WA

Heddo LLC sold 19.65 acres for $42,500 to Rodney and Shelly Mcaleny of Toledo, WA.

Wendy Rader sold 20.09 acres for $140,000 to Gaile and Gavin Gifford of Toledo, WA.

Vader (98593)

Jeffery and Alison Keith sold .21 acres for $25,000 to Robert and Jacqueline Wilber of Ontario, CA.

Westlands Holding Co. sold 2.5 acres for $61,500 to Terisa Rivera of Vader, WA.

Winlock (98596)

Laurence and Guadalupe Potter sold 5 acres for $40,000 to Tiffini Alexander of Toledo, WA.

Jorgensen Timber sold 7.54 acres for $102,500 to Juan and Charolette Garcia of Winlock, WA.

Information based on reliable sources but not guaranteed.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Land Sales in Thurston County, Washington for December 2006.

Land Sales in Thurston County for December 2006.

Information from county records, based on sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Olympia (98502, 98503, 98506, 98512, 98513, 98516)

David Frederick sold .26 acres to Patrick Woods of Olympia, WA for $47,000.

William Looney sold .07 acres to Shon and Tamar Hathcock of Tumwater, WA for $49,500.

Matthias Kronawetter sold 4.89 acres to Don and Vida Farler of Olympia, WA for $136,944.

Tom Zuchlewski sold .25 acres to Moonrise Homes I LLC of Olympia, WA for $114,900.

Wade and Lorelei Randall sold .17 acres to Percival and Sylvia Lagdan of Lakewood, WA for $165,000.

Kim Walter sold 1.15 acres to Greg Guinotte of Vancouver, WA for $138,000.

Security State Mortgage sold 5.91 acres to Sear and Malin Ky of Olympia, WA for $45,000.

Anthony and Susan Mack sold .17 acres to B & B Alliance LLC for $85,000.

Dieffenbach Construction Inc. sold 5 acres to Michael Darnell of Olympia, WA for $182,500.

Hale Trust sold 2 acres to Matthew and Alicia Neeley of Olympia, WA for $172,500.

Rainier (98576)

Donald Hartman sold 1.99 acres to Mike Mitch and Homer Sheets for $15,780.

Yelm (98597)

Edward and Sally Budack sold .22 acres to Melicia Lara of Yelm, WA for $54,000.

Robert and Mary Stone sold 5 acres to Erik Barney of Steilacoom, WA for $160,000.

Elaine Mccandlis sold 5.13 acres to David and Kathleen Burr of Graham, WA for $165,000.

Zenture Pacific Homes Inc. sold 10 acres to Walter Olsen of Kent, WA for $375,000.

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