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Friday, October 12, 2007

Olympic MLS dissolves

(Olympia, Washington) The Olympic MLS serving Thurston County, one of the few remaining small MLS in Western Washingtin, has dissolved. The listings have been displayed in common with the NWMLS for many years but technically there were different organizations. The broker members, agents and affiliate members of Olympic Multiple Listing Service have transferred their membership to the Northwest Multiple Listing Service effective October 1, 2007.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pierce County Critical Areas Now Online

(Pierce County, Washington) Parcels in unincorporated Pierce County now have their critical areas environmental information online. This is great allowing the public easier access to this information as in the past few years it has been difficult to get this information from the county. Since there is no legitimate reason to be so zipperlip about it, having it online is not only convienent for the public to look up information but also helps save the county employees the time it takes answering these type of questions.

The environmental conditions on this report include: Aquifer Recharge Area, Development Moratorium, Marine Shoreline Salmon Habitat, Potential for Erosion Hazard, Potential for Fish and Wildlife (WDFW Priority Habitat and Species, Pierce County Salmon Distribution, Pierce County Hydro), Potential for Flood, Potential for Floodway, Potential for Landslide, Potential for Mine Hazard, Potential for Seismic Hazard, Potential for Wetlands (County Wetland, National Wetland, Hydric Soils, Hydrology, County Flood Zone, FEMA Flood Zone), Resource Lands and Shoreline. Of course, the county's information does not replace a review by a competent professional but is a good starting point when shopping around.

You can click through from the PublicGIS information on the county's website to access the critical areas report.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Land sales in Thurston County, Washington for September 2007

Land sales in Thurston County, Washington for September 2007


Robert J Atwell sold 5.07 acres to Byung Whang for $97,500

Schmitt Family Trust sold .16 acres to Joseph Becker and Naomi Gross for $90,000

Gregory and Joan Wright sold .63 acres to Theodore Demetrio Jr and Cinta Wander for $139,900

Western Showcase Homebuilders sold 3.48 acres to Lanza Premier Homes LLC for $125,000


Rabie sold 5.45 acres to Bruce and Jan Huntley for $159,900

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company (NYSE:WY) sold 31 acres to Jenifer Preston and Julie Wicksteed for $359,000


Patricia K Maschke sold 37 acres to Richmond Jpj Ents Inc for $275,000


Lynn & Kathleen Sommers sold .29 acres to Dennis and Brygida McDermott for $34,000

Daniel M & Anita F Mahoney sold 5 acres to Travis Smith for $190,000

Information based on county records but not guaranteed.

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