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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Land sales in Thurston County, Washington for March 2007

Vacant Land sales for Thurston County, Washington for March 2007.

Lacey (98503)

Pumin Boos sold .99 acres of commercial land for $520,000 to Genesis Financial Group Inc.

Olympia (98502, 98512)

Roberto and Bertha Huizar sold .24 acres for $52,000 to Timothy Timmer of Tumwater, WA.

Raymond Dobroski Living Trust sold .39 acres for $110,281 to Cynthia Williams of Olympia, WA.

Richard Lichtenberg sold .97 acres for $200,000 to Windstar Development LLC of Olympia, WA.

David Harroun sold 4.92 acres for $170,000 to Washington Department of Natural Rescources.

Richard and Linda Hancock sold 4.82 acres for $230,000 to James and Jennifer Demay of Olympia, WA.

Town & Country Markets Inc. sold 4.54 acres for $343,000 to Flamingo Links LLC.

Town & Country Markets Inc. sold 20 acres for $367,000 to Max J Kuney Co.

Duer P & Nancie J Smedley Trust sold 40 acres for $392,280 to Wanapum Lake LLC.

Town & Cntry Markets Inc Retirement Trust sold 15 acres for $550,000 to Flamingo Links LLC.

Edward and Kari Richardson sold 1.1 acres for $135,000 to J & W Homes LLC.

Rainier (98576)

Linda Berry sold .51 acres for $19,500 to Edward Littlewort of San Juan Capistrano, CA.

William and Nancy Roberts sold 10 acres for $245,000 to Todd Stancil and Erika Haakenson of Rainier, WA.

Rochester (98579)

Danial Miller sold .73 acres for $99,500 to Steve and Alisia Ketchum of Olympia, WA.

Frederic and Susanne Hawes sold .72 acres for $118,000 to Connie Kang of Lacey, WA.

Daniel and Dawn Fletcher sold 3.06 acres for $128,281 to Glen and Jennifer Johnson of Tenino, WA.

Leopold Schock sold 2.23 acres for $140,000 to Kyle Connelly of Olympia, WA.

Pete Zimmerman sold 10 acres for $170,000 to Aspen and Kaylene Breuer of Rochester, WA.

Pete and Bonnie Zimmerman sold 9.77 acres for $174,950 to Robert and Kimberly Beauchamp of Rochester, WA.

Tenino (98589)

David Nelson sold 1.03 acres for $125,000 to Robert and Kimberly Maurer of Olympia, WA.

C & S Construction Nw Inc. sold .14 acres for $114,000 to Rossi Capital LLC of Olympia, WA.

Yelm (98597)

Stepher Roffler sold .19 acres for $53,005 to Bobbie Hurd of DuPont, WA.

James and Angela Weller sold .31 acres for $63,050 to Capstone Land Dev Inc.

Paul Brannan sold 1.77 acres for $110,000 to Shannon Hanson of Bonney Lake, WA.

HR Maxwell LLC sold 5.01 acres for $159,000 to Evelyn Strobel and James Leflar of Little Rock, AR.

Noriko Naoi sold 4.36 acres for $179,900 to Sandra Parent of Fair Oaks, CA.

Nancy S Dow Living Trust sold 11.9 acres for $190,500 to Andrew and Caroline Hanser of Federal Way, WA.

Zenture Pacific Homes Inc sold 5 acres for $265,500 to Julio and Elvia Meza of Yelm, WA.

Information based on county records but not guaranteed.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Land sales in Thurston County, Washington for February 2007

Land Sales in Thurston County for February 2007.

Information from county records, based on sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Olympia (98502, 98503, 98506, 98512, 98513, 98516)

Martin Estate sold .84 acres for $115,000 to David and Amy Merrilees of Olympia, WA.

Nancy Robinson sold .45 acres for $25,281 to Brian Ayres of Woodbridge, VA.

Gordon and Dianne Anderson sold .25 acres for $89,000 to Mary Daley of Olympia, WA.

Dana Bessett sold .29 acres for $4500 to Thomas Helms III of Pittsburgh, PA.

Darlene Currier sold 1.3 acres for $99,500 to Aaron and Megan Robel of Auburn, WA.

Jacob Romero sold 2.2 acres for $130,000 to Charles and Elizabeth Allaire of Chehalis, WA.

K & S Development LLC sold 1.5 acres for $160,281 to George and Joni Baker of Olympia, WA.

Ernest Freeman sold .9 acres for $125,000 to Robert and Mary Dayton of Olympia, WA.

Lacey (98516)

Hawks Prairie Associates sold 13.01 acres for $2,750,000 to Marvin Road LLC.

Tenino (98531)

Harv Breen Construction Inc sold 40.02 acres for $258,000 to Thomas Bond of Lacey, WA.

Rainier (98576)

Noli Dacanay Trust sold 1.1 acres for $105,146 to Bobby and Courtney Walker of Roy, WA.

Rochester (98579)

Don and Barbara Thomas sold 10.4 acres for $99,500 to Brenda Sullens of Rochester, WA.

Yelm (98597)

Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company (NYSE:WY) sold 40 acres for $540,500 to Dae Rhee and Mal Soon of Puyallup, WA.

Cherry Meadows LLC sold a mess of tiny city lots in Yelm for $100,000 a lot.

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Pope Resources plans on new residential land in Skamania County

The Columbian broke a story about Pope Resources (NASDAQ:POPEZ), a timber company based in Poulsbo, Washington plans of new residential land in Skamania County, Washington State.

While still in the planning states the company has submitted paperwork to the county for a recreational development offering up to 800 units of housing.

Skamania County could use the new deveopment as there seems to be a shortage of land for sale in that area compared with all the people who would like to live there. There is overflow demand from the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington urban areas. The company's proposal is to convert 3680 acres of land from forestland to residential/recreational use.

Most of the county is public forestland and the planned development is close to existing developed land with cabins on it.

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